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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Katie

next week's chair: Simin

Attended: Gabor, Lim, Prad, Jay

Apologies: Tiege, Jamie, Patrick

Absent: Lucas, Simin, Mas

General Issues

  • DBBC software needed a couple of restarts due to the well known TPI overflow issue when doing a pointing check.

Handover Issues

  • R1913
    • Yg: 1700UT error m5 -900 not whilst recording and error m5 -906 mark5 return code 6: inconsistent or conflicting request seems to happen on every scan.The above error is due to mk5=bank_set? being called during midob. Commented out mk5=bank_set? in midob and moved it to preob. Temporary fix documented here (Lucas)
  • T2134
    • Ho: Something with the wx command. Keep getting 'Problem connecting to metserver socket' and 'illegal error class code' (Prad).
      • Warren said he would fix.
  • R1914
    • Yg:13:20UT - Network connection between ops8 and pcfsyg down. Can't connect to yg-via-internode. Monitoring, in case it comes back up. Network restored. Contacted Yg and checked everything was operational on their end. Asked them to reboot/power cycle router, but they weren't sure which one (neither was I). Just about to call on-call person, then it came back up.
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