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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Mas

next week's chair: Prad

Attended: Prad, Jamie, Earl, Tiege, Patrick, Gabor, Lucas

Apologies: Jay, Ross, Simin


Handover Issues

  • Main computer screens were not working and need to reboot - may be related to configuration
  • Don't forget to set the VSN for the new module

Other issues

  • Hobart 26 m observation hopefully will start next week Wednesday. Brett still trying to fix a lot of problems
  • For dayshift, please be at the observatory
  • Hobart 26 m drive got a problem, a lot of false alarm due to interface chip problem
  • LBA session on 4th Nov, Hobart 26 m still can be used but need to observe from the observatory
  • VGOS broadband receiver project for Hobart 26 and Katherine, still need to be tested (fringe test). Hopefully can solve the problem by end of this year
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