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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Patrick

next week's chair: ?

Attended: Patrick, Tiege, Earl, Jamie

Apologies: Prad, Katie, Ross

Absent: Lucas

General Issues

  • When do observations start in the New Year?
    • First session 2nd January (R4)
    • Additional sessions (not regular IVS) will be added in
  • Warkworth will join a series of new AUSTRAL experiments next year (30-40)
  • First 2020 meeting: 16th January
    • If there are problems in last 2 weeks of 2019, contact Jamie/Warren

Handover Issues

  • AUA058
    • Experiment started late due to disagreement between IVS schedule & observer roster
      • AUA scheduled at a weird hour
      • Double check IVS schedule and AuScope schedule (might happen more often)
  • AOV042
    • Ho: Started late, drives weren't turning on. Fixed on its own after ~10 minutes.
      • Brett has worked on drives. One of the drives was not responding quick enough, should be fixed. Need to keep trying till it works.
    • Ho: PCFS crashed. Restarted and received Allocating memory for antenna monitoring error. Fixed with a reboot of drive pc and pcfs
      • Fixed by killing all vdesk connections, then rebooting drive pc and pcfs if problem persists
    • Ho: PCFS locked up. Restarted vdesk.
      • Same problem as above
  • AUA059
    • Ho: RXP network connection down
      • Something to do with drive pc and RAKBUS
    • Ho: PCFS crashed.
  • T2136
    • Ho: PCFS crashed. Restarted and received Allocating memory for antenna monitoring error. Fixed after rebooting drive pc (twice) with rem_reboot -r rakbus sys26m
    • Ho: After drive reboot, receiver switched to Warm S-Band (on its own?). Experiment halted to investigate, Warren went up to receiver cabin and manually changed to S/X. Rebooted rx26m, still something wrong with rx comms.
      • Related to power outage?
  • CRF115
    • Ho: S/X receiver in position, but in manual mode, display will be wrong.
      • In manual mode, live page & rxp should show correct readings most of the time, but OTTER won't.
      • X,Y,Z should be correct (read off camera) & reliable
      • On RXP display, number only matters if you're using the multifeed
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