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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Lim

next week's chair: Simin

Attended: Lucas, Katie, Prad, Jay, Mas, Earl, Simin, Eloise, Becca, Jamie, Ross, David, Gabor

Apologies: Tiege, Patrick


General Issues

  • Yarragadee
    • VNC connection to maseryg?
      • Accessible through vnc maseryg:2 [password is some German word on the AuScope room board]
  • Mixed-mode training?
    • Search AUM-HB on the wiki
    • Drudg by hand
    • One line summary to check if DBBC is correctly setup under ~/bin/ on pcfs or ops8.
    • More mixed-mode coming if the next is successful.
    • S-band is recording on DBBC2 atm.

Handover Issues

  • CRD105
    • Hobart26m
      • FS locked up while investigating GPIB comms issue. PCFS machine rebooted (JMc).
      • Cleared afetr reboot
  • AOV044
    • Hobart26m
      • 1954UT fs crashed
        • No apparent reason?
      • 2120UT Power failure led to DrivePC failure
      • Error: Cannot get monitor info from antenna (8020003); #antcn#Network I/O Timeout occurred on write
        • Need to restart DrivePc (sys26m)
      • 0812UT Power failure again
        • The RA/Dec/time values which were static earlier, now started changing after restarting DrivePC
      • 0910UT - Drives weren't ready on time for the last few scans. “drvon” on vdesk a few times seemed to have done the trick. Left drive (on) delay causing the problem? (Prad)
      • DrivePc or fs has to be restarted
      • Really need to “drvon” quite a lot on vdesk

Note: Don't rely on first start for the 26m Hobart, don't start only 5 minutes earlier.

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