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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Simin

Next week's chair: Mas

Attended: Mas, Katie, Becca, Prad, Jay, Lim, Jamie, Gabor, Guifre


Absent: Earl, Eloise, Lucas, Patrick, Tiege

General Issues

  • Hobart 26m
    • Problem with the brakes problem/a hydraulic fault alarm
      • Hydraulic pipes have to be replaced, need one or two more days
  • LBA shifts coming on March, June and July

Handover Issues

  • R4934
    • Yarragadee 12m
      • Large difference between formatter and maser delays. Check for stability of new offset. error happens occasionally and clears itself (Lim)
        • Jamie will look at it.
  • AUA061
    • Yarragadee 12m
      • Very large positive data difference. +200TB or about 5%. Module is large enough to handle additional data (Lucas).
        • Probably one-hour si0056 experiment causes the data difference.
    • Hobart 12m
      • A series of clock-jumps on the dbbcho on the order of -0.015us (Lucas).
        • In mix-mode observations can be ignored.
    • Katherine 12m
      • Drives lost connection, got stuck (Lucas).
      • Flexbuffke got into a nasty state and wasn't happy (Lucas).
      • The current fix is to (halt obviously), umount all the drives, remount them, restart jive5ab and re-setupsx (Lucas).
        • Due to wet season and power outages. Have to restart the connection and Fluxbuff.
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