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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Tiege

next week's chair: Patrick

Attended: Earl, Katie, Lim, Simin, Patrick, Jamie, Jay, Becca, Prad, Mas

General Issues

  • Future meeting chairs! DONE
  • How did LBA go?
    • Hobart drives getting stuck easily, hard to get unstowed.
    • Ke weak fringes during LBA fringe checks at 8-GHz. Jamie going to check it out.
  • Ops8 power plug?
    • RED and white power outlets are on different circuits. Needed to switch to the red ones, someone will need to check the fuse box when we are back in action.
  • Potential for campus lock down
    • Jamie working on a VNC option for monitoring using ops8 remotely. Check email/wiki for notes! ALso test this out if you can and report any problems.

Handover Issues

  • No reported issues
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