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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Patrick

next week's chair: Katie

Attended: Mas, Earl, Tiege, Jamie, Katie, Prad, Eloise



General Issues

  • Remote observing: anyone tried it? comments, questions, tips?
    • Seems to work well.
    • Still access card only after Easter, but UTAS is strongly discouraging people to be on campus. Might change.
    • Some problems with network access. Waiting on IT department for support for this.
    • There are notes for using SSH gateway as an alternative to VPN. Linked off remote observing page, walks through setting up an SSH tunnel.
  • checkmk5 procedure missing from proc files?
    • Jamie will look into slogit & see if it's a simple fix.
  • Mixed mode updates?
    • Observing procedure same as before. Still configuring & monitoring outside field system.
    • Future version of FS will be able to do everything itself.
  • Fibre works on Mon/Tues
    • Took out wiki, since been repaired. Shouldn't recur
  • ops-serv2 was left off after power works 2 weeks ago.
  • Ho drives:
    • One of the drives can struggle to start. Motor encoder, affecting Y2 drive.
    • Might need to start drives (using vdesk), then let it sit for a bit before moving it.
    • Can see this looking at camera. Y2 drive current meter doesn't move.
    • If it still doesn't work, this is a job for Brett or Warren
    • Eric will probably need to replace motor encoder.

Handover Issues

  • AUA063
    • Yg: Started on flexbuffyg, switched to mk5yg later
      • fs machine was unbootable day before, couldn't fix it.
      • ran using a script outside the field system, bit of a kludge
      • had mk5 or module issue, possibly an issue with the mk5 iteslf. Alternative recording system is using dbbc + flexbuff. Might need to switch to this.
  • R1941
    • Yg: pcfs froze, needed restarting
      • pcfs machine is getting old. replacement machine is being configured onsite, will switch over at some point.
  • APSG46
    • Ho:
      • wrong receiver on axis.
      • Mk5 module write protect error
        • Module was used in Tidbinbilla (modified mk5C). Causes issues if it's not erased before recording. Can't add to the module.
        • Possibly not an issue with jive5ab, vs. dimino
      • Focus platform linear bearings came loose, needed fixing
        • Have intercom to listen to cryogenics in focus cabin
        • Heard clunking, paused observation to go up and fix it.
        • Daily check from Mt Pleasant is good.
      • Received continuous errors “Allocating memory for antenna monitoring”. Fix was rebooting sys26m.
        • Usually because drive pc has run out of monitoring points. Possibly due to network issues.
        • Can often fix by terminating field system & restarting
        • Check for any unnecessary / spare vdesk sessions & close them
        • Guaranteed way to fix is rebooting sys26m, but this takes a while (~4 minutes)
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