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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Katie

next week's chair: Earl

Attended: Prad, Simin, Lim, Jamie, Eloise, Patrick, Mas, Jay

Apologies: Becca

Absent: Earl

General Issues

  • Seems like theres almost always no checkmk5 commands and we have to add it.
    • Seems to be something with networking at Yg. When slogit run sometimes copies file ok but sometimes can't upload. IT are having a look. You will see a an Error when running slogit. Maybe down to MTU setting.
  • with Hobart 26m we often get 'device rx timed out' error.
    • Shouldn't be a problem if it does eventually connect.Only a problem if it persists. Maybe something in the wiring up to the telescope.

Handover Issues

  • crf118:
    • Hobart26m:
    • 1148 UT Noticed the field system wasn't updating…looks like it has crashed. Restarted and schedule. Then got “Allocating memory for antenna monitoring” error. Rebooted sys26m using “rem_reboot -r rakbus sys26m” on newsmerd and that seems to have worked.Now it's windstowed. will keep an eye when it will be released from windstow. (Jay)
    • clkoff and maserdelay not working after rebooting field system. Something to do with GPIB connection reset. tried restarting GPIB through IP Switches but didn't solve the issue (Jay)
      • pcfshb wasnt running. These commands run off that so it just needed to be restarted. if you see an error like 'pcfshb not running' then you need to connect to the pcfshb nvc session and start the field system with: fs-dummy.
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