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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Jay

next week's chair: Eloise

Attended: Simin, Prad, Patrick, Lim, Tiege, Katie, Mas, Eloise, Jamie, Guifre



General Issues

  • field system and drive pc keep crashing for HOBART 26.
    • this might is associated with some glitches in eRemote Control. for the time being, don't start e-remote control. use VNC's for observing and make sure log monitor is also running.
    • Make sure to set the watchdog time in log monitors during your observation.
  • Make sure right version of DBBC is running at the start of experiment. also make sure the right version of mark5 is running for particular telescope.

Handover Issues


  • rd2004: field system and drive pc crashed.
  • APSG27: Drives crashed, fs unresponsive
  • OHG125: Drives shut down. fs crashed
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