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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Lim

next week's chair: Simin

Attended: David, Eloise, Guifre, Prad, Katie, Mas, Patrick,Jay, Simin, Earl, Gabor, Jamie


General Issues

  • Hobart had a few drives shut down.

Handover Issues

  • AOV048
    • Ho:
      • 22:58 UT fs crash next good scan was 168-2328 (Warren)
      • 04:38 UT drives switched off, encoder glitch during scan 169-0438a (w)
      • 11:35 UT fs crash. Affected scans: 169-1137 to 169-1259 (Simin)
        • Might associate with the eremote-control. Checklist is part of the problem.
  • RD2005
    • Ho:
      • 23:28 UT drives shut down
        • One of the drives is being repaired… Dependent on the weather…Not done yet…
        • Could also due to slewing, misread of position.
  • R1953
    • Ho:
      • 23:28 UT drives shut down
      • 1038UT and 1138UT - ERROR ma -4 Device rx timed-out on response (Prad).
        • Serial communication to the receiver. Benign, restart the field system might fix it, if not we need further investigation..
  • crf119
    • Ho:
      • 1428UT FS crashed. Restarted FS & rebooted drive pc. Mk5 stuck in conflicting state, had to restart DIMino. Back on schedule & recording by 1520. Missed scans 183-1432 to 183-1516. (Patrick)
      • Calendar said this exp started at 4am, but it actually started at 3:30am
        • They changed the day of experiment, changed back in February.

Note: between 15:30 and 16:30 we have intensive session before R1. We use ASTRAL configuration for intensive.

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