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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Eloise

Next meeting chair: Prad

Attended: Earl, Jamie, Tiege, Prad, Katie, Mas, Patrick, Gabor, Simin


General Issues

  • Ke still not ready for experiments

Handover Issues

  • AUM021
    • Hb 12m: jive5ab crashed. Missed scans 308-0641 to 308-1048 (Patrick)
      • Jamie to check logs
  • R4970
    • Yg: mk5cn timed-out connection closed (Lim)

Previous Fortnight

  • AUA069
    • Hb 12m: reconfigured dbbcho as delays and power reported “bad” (warren)
  • AUM020
  • Hb 12m: Both pols of S-band now connected (Y-pol previously disconnected) (JMc)
  • Drive error - not tracking during this time. Fixed with “antenna=open; antenna=operate” (JMc)
  • SI0287
    • Hb 12m: S-band Y-pol disconnected throughout (Patrick)
      • Due to Jamie/Brett doing testing
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