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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Pradyumna

Next meeting chair: Lim

Attended: Jay, Eloise, Jamie, Mas, Simin, Katie, Patrick, Lim, Guifre


General Issues

  • S/X receiver sensitivity -systemic low gain from receiver. Losing x-band data -Being tested. Possibly will miss an experiment or two to check the reciver. Check with Jamie/Warren if one has a Ho26 shift. Higher temperatures at zenith by ten-fold. Receiver to be assessed next week.
  • Observer's Lounge - Any more feedback? Everyone convenient with working from home. The lounge will be available for the foreseeable future but going forward the utilization of space needs to be reconsidered.

Handover Issues

  • r1973
    • Ho26: X-band bad LNA voltage - Benign.
  • aua070
    • Hb12: pps jump on dbbc3. Created a problem with DBBCHO during reconfigure - Caused due to some re-wiring. Not a major issue.
  • r1972
    • Ho26: Poor X-band performance
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