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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Lim

Next meeting chair: Simin

Attended: Mas, Katie, Guifre, Jamie, Earl, Prad, Jay

Apologies: Simin, Eloise, Patrick

General Issues

  • Ho26 S/X receiver sensitivity issue solved after LNA Power supply repair. Nominal temperature reading again. Cryo issue now.
  • Note: Brett on leave, Warren on its own now at Mt Pleasant.

Handover Issues

  • r1974
    • Ho26: maserhb seems to be down (Simin)
    • Computer runs the software has failed. (windows 7 image, can clone the drive, somehow.. Cannot monitoring the maser yet at the moment)
  • crd109
    • Ho26: errors“ Delay trough DBBC has changed. Monitor for stability and reset DBBC if it drifts” (Mas)
    • Lost sync through dbbc, power cycle seems to have solved it. PRC file wasn't calling the monitoring command, seems to be commented out. pps_delay slips while the fmset looks correct, not sure what issue there is.
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