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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Katie

Next meeting chair:

Attended: Jay, Earl, Guifre, Mas, Simin, Lim, Prad


General Issues

  • Ke still has some bad dbbc delays, due to bad maser.Trying to track down the issue - probably related with stability.

Handover Issues


  • Flexbuff issues with Ke, but'setupvgos' prompted the flexbuff to start recording.
  • setupvgos should be ran at the start of the experiment. Maybe something is conflicting?


  • Ke dbbc delays bad
  • flexbuff recording issues, but worked with: Restarted jive and re-run proc=aum025ke and setupvgos, data is now being recorded

aov056: Yg

  • 2135UT antenna stuck. Can't access timeyg to restart the drives. waiting for the connection to go through(Jay)
    • Timeyg had been rebuild and needed some tweaking to run on windows7 - now its done and reinstalled.
  • Received an -103 pointing computer tracking errors are too large and qo -301 warning: onsource status is slewing quite regular (mas)
    • Probably due to wind stow
  • 1240 Mark5 errors (unsure) (Eloise)


  • wrong receiver hobart 26m:
    • Did have problem with live page, maybe still a problem?
    • best way is to use the ptz camera and read what is off the displays on rack 2.
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