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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Jay

Next meeting chair: Earl

Attended: Lim, Simin, Mas, Katie, Jamie, Prad


General Issues

  • Hb dbbc3 samplers values were bad for couple of aua/aum experiments - Jamie will have a look into it

Handover Issues


  • one flexbuffhb system disk still down guifre and warren working on rebuild - one of the disk was bad, had to be removed, disk13 was the usual culprit last couple of times. drives are getting bit old. flexbudfhb will go offline in near future for some time
  • mk5yg reboot sometime around 1900 UT


  • flexbuffhb file sytem errors /dev/sdq1 machine making alarm noises, reconfigure dbbc system disk down, disk13. repaired it on flexbuffhb, make space(w)
  • illegal state error for KE - antenna=open etc - warren fixed it - use antenna=open to restore connections. maybe caused by power failures. putting timed command for 'antenna=open' would be a good idea to do. Jaime will do bit digging why it's happening



  • TCP/IP connection closed” multiple times (Lim)
  • No recordings after power interruption(?) and network error. preob procedure did not include the “runtime” command, leading to incompatible format issues. No alarms raised by log monitor, though error was active (JMc)- keep an eye on log monitor or vncs more often that usual. Msg alerts are not that reliable.
  • received a continuous error “ Error st -999 tcp/ip connection was closed by remote peer”. Had tried to reboot the drive, but the antenna still failed and stuck till the end of the experiment (1800 UT) (mas) - power failure at the site.



  • no s band recorded before this time (wiki needs updating with new setup script), halted for reconfiguration of dbbc3ke (Lim) - wiki now updated.


  • edited setupsx in procedure file, had been copied from aum018 (as per wiki) with wrong mode. Had inherited 16 channel from previous r1? Changed to 32. (warren) - we use slogit scripts for yg.
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