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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Shipping Mark5 modules to the Bonn correlator

NOTE: In the instructions below, replace XX with yg for Yarragadee and ke for Katherine.

  1. Print a module experiment barcode
    1. In a pcfsXX terminal window do:
      cd /usr2/log
      drudg r1497ke.log all R C     

      where R and C are the row and column numbers of the next label to go in the printer.

  2. Place the barcode and a red circle over the green circle on the front of the module
  3. Screw the shipping covers on the module
  4. Pack the module in the foam within a carton
  5. Prepare a DHL Airwaybill.
    On the DHL airwaybill the important details are:
    1. account number 963246084
    2. The addressee is Arno Mueskens phone +49 228 525475
            VLBI geodetic correlator
            Auf dem Huegel 69
            Bonn 53121
    3. Value USD$200
    4. mass 10 Kg
    5. dimensions 48 X 34 X 29 cm
    6. Temporary export. This is different to Washington
    7. ref 318-ObsCodeXX where ObsCode is the observation code (e.g. R1498) and XX is the station ID. So a valid ref for Yarragadee and experiment R1498 would be 318-r1498yg
    8. your name, signature.
    9. If you use the last Word document for Bonn as a template, you would need to change:
      • filename
      • date
      • experiment name
      • airwaybill number
    10. Save and print 5 copies. Sign 3 of them and put them in a clear pocket. Put the airwaybill in on top.
    11. Katherine only:
      1. put a sheet on top, covering the airwaybill saying, “DHL Express 301 Bagot Road Coconut Grove. Hold for collection”.
    12. 1 unsigned copy of the declaration goes in the box, on top of the foam before closing the box. Last copy for your records.
  6. Please email the airwaybill number to Brett. A scan would be perfect if you can.
  7. Please update the list of remaining module VSNs on the wiki. eg usn-0030/2000/1024. At the end of the line for the disk you have just sent, pu the experiment name, the airwaybill number and the date. Here are the links to the relevant pages:
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