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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

DBBC Setup for IVS

Open a VNC session to the DBBC you want to configure from the Applications menu on Ops2:

In C:\DBBC_CONF\ are several configuration files for different experiment types. The configurations used for IVS are:

  • dbbc_config_file_104_rapid.txt for R1 and R4 geodesy
  • dbbc_config_file_104_aust.txt for AUSTRAL sessions
  • dbbc_config_file_104_APSG_CRF.txt for APSG, CRDS and CRF geodesy
  • dbbc_config_file_104_T2_OHIG.txt for T2 and OHIG

The default configuration is kept in dbbc_config_file_104.txt and this will be loaded when the server software is started. (If you want to change the default, Copy (i.e. Do NOT rename) the appropriate file to dbbc_config_file.txt)

Check to see if a program called DBBC Control net is running. If not, start it and say “y” when asked if you want to use the default config, otherwise “n”.

Start DBBC Control net.exe which can be found on the Desktop. If you didn't accept the default config, load the file you want now with the LOAD command. e.g.:


Then configure the DBBC with a


Configurations will take about 2 minutes.

When the configuration is complete, synchronise the DBBC to the station pps with the following command:

Enter Command: pps_sync

During observations, the log monitor will ring an alarm if the internal delay in the dbbc has changed. This is automatically tested every scan. To trigger the command yourself, use dbbc=pps_delay=1.

Setting the IFs

You now need to set up the IF system. The commands to do this depend on the IVS observation.

For R1, R4, AUSTRAL, CRF, CRDS, AUG, AUA and RDV experiments they should be:


For APSG, OHIG, AOV and T2 experiments they should be:


The target values for the total power readings vary by station and CoMo. The syntax for setting the IFs and power levels is:

if[abcd]=[1,2,4],agc,[1,2,4],[power level]



The target power levels are listed on the Recommended DBBC IF Power Levels page. The current power level (and target) can be checked by the command if[abcd]. If the levels are too high or low, then adjust the attenuation on the IF box.

Chris: I don't think the following has been an issue for some time. Candidate for removal?

There is a known issue where the target levels loaded by the DBBC through load=dbcc… are incorrect. For now, the workaround is to specify the target power levels in the ifdsx section of the proc file.

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