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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

26m Checklist

  • Antenna : on source and tracking. Use the onsource command to check the antenna is where it should be,
  • * Time: Field System time (econtrol StatusMonitor) agrees with station time
  • Time: Maser status OK
    Check the “Standard VCH-1005A Manager” display on the Windows PC (to view it, start a VNC session via the Applications menu to timehb, Hobart 26m uses the same maser as Hobart 12m). Green numbers are good, red are bad. Here's an example of how it should look:

    Report any red numbers to Brett ASAP. if you see mention of 'Battery', the maser has lost mains power and is running on it's UPS. If so, tell Brett immediately.
  • Mark5: disk_pos OK
    The command disk_pos in eRemoteControl should report two values - the current number of bytes recorded, and the number of bytes at start of previous scan.
  • Meteorology: Weather (wth) being logged
  • Meteorology: Sky conditions logged (percentage cloud cover, rain etc)
  • Tsys: S-band Tsys 50 to 70K
  • Tsys: X-band Tsys 50 to 70K

* check the receiver position with rxp Should be -256, +248, +18 (x,y,z). The values may be off by 2-3 mm which is the measurement noise. The 26m live page will have the receiver listed (left side)as “S/X” if all is well.

  • Cryogenics. The command cryomon will return information on the S/X cryogenics. The lines to look out for are the pres and 70k values…
  • Troubleshoot If the cryomon or rxmon fs commands don't work (e.g. “rx - device timed out on response”) try reset the TTY Distributor panel on the old MarkIV s/x rack, with the reset switch. The serial comms from the receiver to hobart fs computer are patched through the TTY Distributor. Otherwise a power cycle of the receiver may be required.
    • Cryogenics: Vacuum pressure less than 3.5. The Vacuum pressure in the S/X dewar should be below this value (measured in microns of Mercury). If it increases above this value, it indicates a leak. Let Brett know. e.g. this readout indicates a vacuum pressure of 1.227
    • Cryogenics: 70K stage temperature below 65K. The S/X dewar contains a 20K and a 70K stage. If the 70K stage temperature exceeds about 65K, this indicates the receiver is warming up and needs attention. Contact Brett. e.g. this readout indicates a 70K stage temperature of 167K (not good!)
    • Cryogenics: Helium supply pressure above 275 psi. Use a MONICA session on ''newsmerd'' to monitor the Helium supply pressure. If it drops below 275 psi, call Brett! Bear in mind that according to the gas law pv = nrt the pressure will go down on a cold night. It is advisable to only call Brett if the pressure is quite below 275 and or there have been massive sudden dips in pressure indicating a leak. The plot might be up in the vnc newsmerd session (Desktop 4).
  • Log Monitor audio check button sounds audible beep. Make sure you can hear the alarms
  • Skype. Make sure Skype is running to allow a chat session with all participating sites plus the on-call person
  • System: Check and update Handover and Current Issues wiki pages
  • System: Any problems or concerns logged. Anything else of note? Put it in the log
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