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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Prepare the comments file and transfer the logs

This can now be done from ops2.

Note that for Yarragadee at the moment it is necessary to manually extract weather data and merge it with the Field System log before carrying out the steps given below.

  • Prepare the comments file for the log/end email:
    • First, check the handover notes for any comments or notes.
    • On ops run

      and it will show you some log extracts and get you to check it's all correct. Please also consult the Handover notes page for any comments that should be included. Afterwards, it will save the end message as /vlbobs/ivs/logs/<experiment name><station id>.comments

    • The text of the message will need editing to identify the VSN of the module(s) used. This is because the script picks up all the module VSNs in the log file every time there's a bank swap (e.g. for recording tests, VSN checks) not just the one that is finally recorded to.
    • After the script has downloaded the log files to the ops2 machines, you can run
      observer@ops2:~$ ./

      to get a list of scans affected by windstows and slewing errors.

Remember to read through the End Message thoroughly before saving it. The End Checklist truncates the notes when you copy them in, so make sure that ALL the relevant Handover Notes are included (you may have to copy and paste them directly in the End Message again).

  • Next, run

    and follow the instructions. It will handle the FTP transfer and send a stop message. A copy of the email is sent to the hbobserver Gmail account.

The AuScope VLBI Disk module spreadsheet contains details on the modules as well as a summary. Go to the Summary tab for the information you need to put in the disk inventory section of the message.

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