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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Swapping between Mark5 Disk modules

Please read all of this page before executing any commands.

These commands can all be sent from eRemoteControl or the PCFS Operator input window.

There are two commands, one that will switch to the module not currently in use, and one where you specify precisely which one you want:

  • To go to the next module:
  • To specify a module (e.g. to change to bank B):

Either will work but the second option is unambiguous. So, suggested commands to make between experiments are below. In this example, we’re switching from A to B:

First, to get the current status:


You’ll see something like this:

2011.220.04:41:33.15/mk5/!bank_set? 0 : A : BKG-0049/2000/1024 : B : USN-0140/4000/1024 ; 

The module currently selected (A, BKG-0049) is the first one in the list. Now to change to B:


Now just check it worked:


You’ll see something like this:

2011.220.04:41:48.08/mk5/!bank_set? 0 : B : USN-0140/4000/1024 : A : BKG-0049/2000/1024 ; 

Note the first module listed is now B (USN-0140). eRemoteControl should also show the second bank as active but possibly not until after the schedule starts.

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