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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Log Monitor Version 3

The new version of the log monitor works as a GUI and as a text-based interface, allowing you to monitor a telescope from a terminal window. It also now keeps a text log of its output, will take the telescope name and input log on the command line and has a few other bug fixes.

The first step is to make sure eRemoteCtrl is recording a log, or that you've started Dave's stream_log script. If you want to use the eRemoteCtrl log but don't know it's name, try

ls -lrt /vlbobs/ivs/logs | tail -20

and look for a likely named file.

Usage: [-a <antenna ID [Hb|Ho|Ke|Yg|Ht]>] [-n (no GUI)] [-f <log file name>] [-p <path to file (default /vlbobs/ivs/logs/)>]
  • Specifying -n will start it in the text-based mode
    • Note: this was causing a bug where any file path specified other than /vlbobs/ivs/log/ would result in an error message and program exit. Since I wanted to run this on (e.g.,) /tmp/ke.log I modified the script to allow an optional argument for the path -p which defaults to /vlbobs/ivs/log/.
    • usage would now be for a file in /vlbobs/ivs/logs/ -n -a ke -f r1234ke_erc.log

      as before, but for a file in (e.g.,) /tmp/ -n -a ke -f ke.log -p /tmp/
  • The log file name can be specified with a full path but if you just give the file name, the program will look for it in /vlbobs/ivs/logs/

For example: -n -a Ke -f r1234ke_erc.log

This will start it in text-based mode for Katherine, opening the log file r1234ke_erc.log.

The GUI version looks very similar to before. The ASCII version mimics the GUI a bit. Alarms or warnings are announced with a beep and the last alarm or warning is repeated in the small blue rectangle near the top. There are a few keyboard shortcuts to do useful things:

  • Q = quit
  • T = turn on/off text messaging when there's an alarm
  • W = configure watchdog timer
  • D = set the disk offset
  • A = acknowledge an alarm
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