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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Monitoring the Hart15m (Ht)

To bring up the eRemoteCtrl display for the Hart 15m (Ht), Choose it from the Applications menu on the desktop. When you start, you'll be asked for a username and a password. The username is auscope and the password is the usual one. This is a monitoring-only account so commands won't be accepted. Please use eRemoteCtrl to record the log and run a log monitor, so you can identify and respond to problems.

Make sure you have the eRemoteCtrl Chat window open and also a Skype chat session going that includes Hart. Please also make sure you know the contact details for Hart people if you need to call someone.

You can see the 15m telescope on it's webcam: Hart 15m webcam

What to look out for

A schedule summary file should be available in the control room. Use eRemoteCtrl to check that sources are being observed as scheduled.

Hart is set up to send a text message to Jonathan Quick if there's an alarm and he will respond to these. You can confirm that the alarm has been seen and acted on by using the eRemoteCtrl chat session as a first point of contact (Jon will appear as username 'remote' in the chat, we are 'auscope'). Failing that, try the Skype session. If after say 30 mins you haven't seen a response, try Jon's mobile or home phone number as a last resort. Please note that the local time at Hart is UT+2.

There is a possibility that the Field System computer at Hart might have a problem. In this case the text messaging alarm system won't work and Jon won't be notified of an error. Our log monitor's 'watchdog' will ring an alarm if it sees no Field System activity for 15 mins. If this occurs, either the network connection has dropped out or the Field System has a problem:

Is it the network?

If there's a network issue, you won't be able to access any computers at Hart. Try to access their web page: Hart web page. If you can't get through, then the network is down and there's not much you can do. If you can get to the Hart web page then the network is OK and the Field System has a problem.

If there's a Field System problem

If you're sure the network is OK but the Field System has stopped working, please contact Jonathan/Hart observing team as follows:

1) send an email to Jon ( and if he doesn't answer within one hour

2) call him +27 82 972 6649

Any operator should be contactable at +27 12 301 3100

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