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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

The Station Ready email

A script is available to extract information from the schedule and log file and prepare and send a station ready email to IVS. Before sending it, you will be asked to read it and make any necessary corrections or additions. Details on Tsys, SEFD and fringe checks are not currently extracted from the log and so will need to be included by hand.

To run the script, log on to ops2 and type

and follow the prompts.

Below is an example ready message:

Session r1234 ready message for Hobart12 (Hb)

First source: 0637-752 at 18:07:56 UT

Formatter to GPS difference (fmout-GPS) is 8.4375 us at 320.17:58:23 UT

	Temperature (C):  9.6, Pressure (hPa): 1000.8, Humidity (%):  64.1
	Additional operator comments (if any): 100% overcast, dry

Pointing results:
SEFD S/X	Source	Az/El		Offset (xEl)	Offset (El)
3600/3900	virgoa	328.0/29.1	-0.022		0.003

Tsys (S/X): 93.1 / 87.3

Fringe check:
    Source:  1921-293
    Array: Hb-Ke-Yg
    Result: Fringes seen on all baselines

Additional Comments:
 Broadband SEFDs on 3C353 (3 measurements per band):
 X-band: 3299, 3283, 2980 Jy, Average = 3200 Jy
 S-band: 4675, 4738, 4547 Ju, Average = 4700 Jy

Additional setup notes (OK = done, NOK = not checked/done):
 Checklist "Before observation"
 Sent by Jim Lovell (user alias: oper)
 System: Schedule file prepared OK
 Time: Maser ok OK
 DBBC: configured OK
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