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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!

The Station Ready email

A script will eventually be written to draft an email with information extracted from the log, but for now, here's a template:


Subject: r1234, Hobart12 (Hb), Ready-message


Session r1234 ready message for Hobart12 (Hb)

First source: 1921-293 at 17:00:00 UT

FMOUT-GPS: 8.6755 us

Weather: Temperature (C): 12.2, Pressure (hPa): 1001.2, Humidity (%): 34.0
Sky conditions: clear

Pointing results:
SEFD S/X      Source     Az/El     Offset (Az)   Offset (El)
3600/3900     Virgo A    12/33     0.012         0.008
3600/3900     Hydra A    -20/23    0.016         0.01

Tsys (S/X): 93.1 / 87.3

Fringe check:
Source:  1921-293
Array: Hb-Ke-Yg
Result: Fringes seen on all baselines

All OK
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