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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Remote control of SMS alarms

As well as controlling how SMS alarms behave from the log monitor GUI, the log monitor will also pick up configuration commands via the PCFS log. These commands can be sent as comments from the PCFS operator input window, the eRemoteControl input or via a inject_snap command.

Commands: Turn off SMS alerts:

"sms off

Turn on SMS alerts to mobile number 0412345678:

"sms on 0412345678

Send a text message to mobile number 0400110011 with the current status of SMS alarms (note the number you send this message to can be different to the one receiving alarms):

"sms status 0400110011

This is a good way to confirm everything is configured correctly.

Note all commands are lower case and mobile numbers should contain no spaces

If using inject_snap, log on the the PCFS machine you want to control and put the command in single quotes. e.g:

oper@pcfshb:~$ inject_snap '"sms on 0412345678'
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