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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

		rfpic - AuScope RF PIC Control command

Syntax:    rfpic=xband,sband,fan

Response:  rfpic/0,xband,sband,fan

Settable parameters:

xband      X-band switch state: cross or direct. Default is no change.
sband      S-band switch state: cross or direct. Default is no change.
fan        Fan override state toggle, only allowed value is "toggle".
           Default is no change. Monitor response, is "auto" or "override"

Monitor-only parameters:
calp15v 	    CAL plate +15 V supply (volts)
calp12v		    CAL plate +12 V supply (volts)
calp5v		    CAL plate +5 V supply (volts)
calp20v		    CAL plate +20 V supply (volts)
pcal12v		    Phase CAL +12V Supply (volts)
volts5              PIC +5V Supply (volts)

SR15v		    S-band RHC +15V Supply (volts)
SL15v		    S-band LHC +15V Supply (volts)
SL12v		    S-band LHC +12V Supply (volts)
SR12v		    S-band RHC +12V Supply (volts)
X15v		    X-band +15V Supply (volts)
X12v		    X-band +12V Supply (volts)
volts28		    +28V supply (volts)

calTempC	    CAL Plate Temperature (Celsius)
focusTempC	    Focus temperature (Celsius)
RFboxTempC	    RF Box temperature (Celsius)
fspeed		    Fan Speed (RPM)
pedRH		    Pedestal Relative Humidity (%)
pedTempC	    Pedestal temperature (Celsius)

wavegRH		    Waveguide Air supply Relative Humidity (%)
wavegTempC	    Waveguide Air supply temperature (Celsius)
wavegPresInput	    Waveguide Air Pressure input (uncalibrated)
wavegPresInternal   Waveguide Air Pressure internal (uncalibrated)

spare1		    Spare
spare2		    Spare
spare3		    Spare
spare4		    Spare

genReady	    Generator Readiness: "auto" or "manual"
genStatus	    Generator Status: "off" or "on"
lolock		    LO Lock indicator: "unlocked" or "locked"

The command provides monitor and control of the RF PIC.

Command parameters are in three separate sets: (1) xband, (2) sband,
and (3) fan.  Each set can be commanded without affecting the others,
or in combination with others, by leaving parameters that are not to
be updated null (empty). Trailing null parameters may be omitted,
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