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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Module Swaps in CONT14 and AUST Marathon

Module swaps should be coordinated with local staff at the observatories and should only occur at the start of a System Check period. Remember that not all System Check periods require a module swap. Before a module is swapped, you and the local person must agree, on the phone, that both modules are idle.


  • Confirm with the local person that the four disk activity lights are NOT flashing on either module
  • Wait for one minute and again confirm with the local person that the four disk activity lights are NOT flashing.
  • Ask the local person to turn the key on the used module and swap it with a blank one of the correct size.
  • Wait for three green lights above the new module to indicate it is powered up and ready.
  • You will want to continue with the old, partially filled module, so confirm you have the right one with a

    and if it isn't, change to the correct one with a


    , wait about 10 sec, then do and another

  • Make a note in the log that a new module has been inserted into Bank A or B, and say which bank is currently active. Please include VSN codes in the message and in the table on the Module usage page page.
  • Send an email to so that we know what's happened

Note that you can view the Mark5 recorder and the status of the modules remotely using the control room Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) web cameras:

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