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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Minutes: 3 Aug 2015

Attendance: Rich, Ed, Stuart, Jamie, Brett, Jim

  • AuScope:
    • Does Hb have any problems starting up when cold? Tomorrow could be a good opportunity to find out.
    • Ke delay jumps are still a problem. Maser or DBBC?
    • PCFS auto-stow tests are needed. Ed to run some tests on Hb tomorrow. Jim and Brett to call in over Skype to artificially trigger stows. Brett to make sure antenna movable today.
    • Should we move phase-cal back onto Hobart 26m? Ed to talk to correlators.
    • Brett: parts needed for LOs on MarkIV rack.
  • New Zealand:
    • Mark5: Issues with Debian and compatibility, current Etch nearly 10yrs old. Haystack Mk5 doc's say can use Squeeze for SDK9.3a. But “DIMino” doesn't build and other mk5 tools. Need to bring Linux distro more upto date for Mk5's. Stuart will work with Jonathan, Harro & Chet. PS “jive5ab” works a treat on Squeeze.
    • R1699 data will be transferred in real-time to Bonn
    • Check “antcn” and “slewing”/“tracking” for Motor Status master registers: Stuart / Ed
    • Antenna Controler (12m & 30m) : the ethernet interface hangs due to supurious modbus packets from some where. We have setup ACL's on the network switches to isolate and control access. Since putting in ACL's no more ethernet interface hangs, will keep monitoring.
  • Network Coordinators
    • Windstow testing on Hobart 12m (see above)
    • 0 to 360 problem. Is it fixed? Jim and Jamie to test but also ask observers.
    • PCFS at Ke crashing: Ed to add popen so system load can be monitored in FS log
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