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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


  1. Issues from Ww
  2. Issues from AuScope

Review of reported station issues:

  1. Ww has new internet power switch to cylce GPIB when it fails will replace GPIB controller with RS-232 connection
  2. Yarragadee r4696. VNC connection lost for several hours, no monitor (what about eRemoteControl?)
  3. Yarragadee r1699. Monica restarted twice due to ifpic problems, not fixed?
  4. Yg says “wth” not found, fixed? (& in all sy= commands?)
  5. Katherine r1699. S1-S4 high Tsys most of the time (120-170k)
  6. Ho. RFI, overflows in S5m S6 most of the time

Issues left over from last time:

  1. 0.7 nanosecond clock jumps causing significant data loss during analysis
  2. wind-stow progress, next test
  3. Brian agreed there is no need to move pcal to 26m
  4. NTP configuration, need more servers, especially remote and non-TAC/CNS
  5. “popen uptime” was added to all three AuScope 12m systems
  6. Ed and Stuart to review status registers
  7. Thanks for IPS/KVM/auto-login information
  8. Ho antcn reliability issues?
  9. Any luck getting spare VC parts? switch to DBBC at Ho?
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