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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

0. Rich & Brett:

  1. Ho receiver on-axis comment is confirmation of correct positioning
1. Issues from Ww
  1. Real time etransfer to Bonn partially successful, Harro explained that there was a port conflict, try again next week
  2. New power switch on gpib, not RS-232 yet
2. Issues from AuScope
  1. Still working on Broadband receiver on 12m
Review of reported station issues:

3. Ww has new internet power switch to cylce GPIB when it fails
will replace GPIB controller with RS-232 connection
  1. See above
4. Yg r4696
VNC connection lost for several hours, no monitor
(what about eRemoteControl?)
  1. Report was VPN down (not VNC, but that was too), everything continued as normal at the site
  2. Ww also has a VPN with VNC over it
5. Yg r1699
Monica restarted twice due to ifpic problems, not fixed?
  1. operator talked to Jim about it, should have just restarted ifpic server
  2. ifpic server needs to be updated
6. Yg says “wth” not found, fixed? (& in all sy= commands?)
  1. Jamie fixed, there was an error with ampersand put in by mistake
  2. all sy commands updated with ampersand
7. Ke r1699
S1-S4 high Tsys most of the time (120-170k)
  1. example of operator report of high Tsys
  2. RFI issue? yes, persistent and reported unevenly, but not too bad
  3. DBBC problem? Tsys is high, but cal diode val might also be high
  4. Ww core board replacement dropped SEFDs from 8000 to 4000
    1. AuScope 3500 SEFDs so core boards probably okay there

> 8. Ho

RFI, overflows in S5, S6 most of the time
  1. Radiolinks for wireless systems, also gets Hb
    1. Consider new frequencies
Issues left over from last time:

9. 0.7 nanosecond clock jumps causing significant data loss during
  1. Yg and Hb (and Ho): timing system or Maser PPS or PPS delay in DBBC
  2. Rick ask analysts for times of jumps (we also percentage of loss)
  3. NR maser still at Hb/Ho, but just used for frequency comparison
10. wind-stow progress, next test
  1. next week firm up time for Wed/Thurs
  2. apparent 'man in the middle attack' for pcfshb due to back-up
11. Brian agreed there is no need to move pcal to 26m
  1. Okay
12. NTP configuration, need more servers, especially remote and
  1. Ed contacted Hambly, plans to fix CNS clock firmware to include leap second approaching flag
  2. NTP configurations need more servers, especially remote (6 or more) and not CNS clocks, but more local of any type is better too
    1. Jim said okay to increasing server
13. “popen uptime” was added to all three AuScope 12m systems
  1. Installed, waiting for a case where a machine is slowed down to be useful
14. Ed and Stuart to review status registers
  1. Stuart will send documentation on Ww status registers for Ed to compare with other 12m antennas
15. Thanks for IPS/KVM/auto-login information
  1. Thanks.
  2. Can require a large load on UPS supplying IPS, but has two inputs
  3. Brett/Stuart: Wireless switch can switch device from phone
    1. “Pebble” unit, “Wemo” by Belkin
    2. Telnet very handy, web interface can bog down
    3. need more webcams for looking at equipment
16. Ho antcn reliability issues?
  1. working on updating the antenna controller
17. Any luck getting spare VC parts? switch to DBBC at Ho?
  1. Need some oscillator parts from Mike
    1. now know what parts to ask for
  2. DBBC has two CoMo/four AD2s so not quite compatible with IFs
    1. will DBBC 105F support more than eight BBCs? Gino will know
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