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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Stuart was no available

1. New issues from AuScope


2. New issues from Warkworth

3. AuScope clock jumps (~0.7 nanoseconds)

 At Katherine and Hobart we’ve been getting clock jumps which are
 having an impact on the geodetic results. Below is a summary of four
 jumps that occurred in R1696 at Hobart (days 194/195) with sizes from
 0.7 to 3.7 ns.
   Still the step size of the jumps suggests something
   "hydrogen related" as a more like culprit.
 No information from analysts yet on data yield impact
 Any new information from AuScope?
   Jim: Frequency comparison software was not running, but
   was started last Friday and should be available for r4700 and
   Brett: Also will add power monitoring in case that is affecting
   the Maser

4. Hobart 26 R1700

 Known problems:
 20K stage receiver hotter than 40K at 22:54 UT
   Jim: May just be a read error, stable otherwise
   Jamie: Tsys was reasonable too
   Brett: use turbo pump to arrest warming, probably
   due to some He getting into system

5. Yarragadee R1700

  1. - ifpic error a few times
 Jamie: still need to replace server

6. AuScope pcal delay vs az/el

 From Brian:
 Perhaps you could mention it during the telecon, and if Jim
 or Jamie or anyone is interested, I can provide details or
 suggestions via email, although they can probably figure out
 how to do the measurements perfectly well on their own.
 BTW, I'm not pushing it -- I raised the question with Chopo today
 only because Arthur was asking about measuring auscope pcal delay
 vs. az/el to address the southern CRF issue.  But if that issue
 is still unresolved, the measurements might be worth doing, if
 only to rule out one more possible explanation.
 Ed: interesting because similar cable wrap and possible effect on
 southern source problem
 Jamie: could be done with recording and auto correlating data
 Jim: use Monica

7. Wark12m : Registers Master Status

 That's the way I read it also. When its windy we see the HMI
 interface the "POS ERROR" fields go red as the error is > 1/10000 of
 a degree. So the current position goes red also as technically its
 not "on source", but the error might be of the order 6/10000 of a
 degree ( ~2' ) so still well within the FWHM of the beam even at
 X-Band. The current "antcn" code is if the current posn is > 1/1000
 degree from the commanded position or the AzMasterStatus or
 ElMasterStatus are not 0, then flag not tracking. I can "relax"
 these limits for being on-source. Just take "current posn" to
 "commanded posn" and ignore the Status registers (well still log
 them if not 0, but don't set the flag to be not tracking).

8. R4697 Ww

 The overwhelming majority of scans have produced no fringes on WW
 baselines -- the WW-KK baseline, for example is seeing ~1 scan with
 fringes per hour.  On top of that, the SBD is varying wildly -- a
 rare pair of two successful scans within 10minutes of each other on
 the WW-KK baseline jumped nearly 1us.

9. R1697, R4697, R1698 Ww

 all have 1 second clock offset

10. Warkworth GPIB controller progress?

11. AuScope windstows, next test tomorrow?

    Jim and Ed: Start about 2330 UT

12. AuScope NTP configuration update?

   Jim: will put back on the list

13. Hobart BBC VC LO parts progress?

   Brett: no answer yet
   Ed: Mike probably on vacation
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