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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Ed: Ask Dan about how large an az/el effect is needed to explain southern source issue

Jim/Jamie: Phase-cal measurements

Jim: re-do case 1 of auto-stow tests

Ed: install new auto-stow code at Ke and Yg once Jim finishes test

Jim: look at stability of Ke DBBC

Jim: Yg windstow system needs repair

Ed: send NTP configuration information to server NTP to LAN

Jim: change antennas to use FS computer as NTP server once those computer serve NTP

Stuart: finish upgrade for ONSOURCE test in ANTCN

Stuart: switch to time model “computer”

Ed: check with Jay on how heat tape current is run

Jamie: replace Yg ifpic server


First items:

1. New issues from Warkworth

Stuart: nothing new, in maintenance week and had horrendous weather preventing replacement of sun shield

2. New issues from AuScope

Jim: covered below were expecting to take prototype feed off but will stay another month, so Hobart26 will continue to sub

3. Phase-cal measurements At AuScope (Brian)

Brian: Cable delays would be preferable Use bpcal as outlined in e-mail? Jamie: No measurements have been made, but could be Brian: GGAO had a few picosecond to 10-20 picosecond Ed: Will ask Dan how large effect might explain the variation use aecho=on to log antenna position Jim/Jamie: use monica or TRACK output for position

4. Clock jumps

Any Maser comparison data showing jumps?

Brett: Jim P. waiting to find out when to look Brett: also recording power transients Ed: should be some analysis news in the next week or so

Most recent experiment analyzed was r1700 (Aug 11), which is not recent enough for cross check

Analysts backed down a bit on how much data is being lost, but still say it adds significant extra work

5. Auto-stow tests

“Synopsis” of tests, redo at least Jim's test 1

Jim: will try to redo test Ed: will install at other antennas when Jim is satisfied (hopefully soon)

New (not discussed before):

6. Katherine has completed aov004

DBBC unstabled — several clock drifts

Jim: need to look at DBBC

7. Did Hobart observe AOV004?

Jim: was scheduled tag-along and observed another experiment

8. Yarragadee has completed r4702

1905 UT: Windstow activated. Appears to be a misread on windy the anemom (wind speed 9999 km/h). Reset the windyg box to bring the average windspeed back down. Misreads continued. Did cold reset on windyg. Still the occasional misread. Could be on the anemometer end (An insect on the ultrasound transducers?)

Jim: hardware issue device not reliable, same design as used at other antennas, needs to be repaired

9. Kath12 R4701

ACU time difference outside limits requiring use of fmset Missed Scans 233-1048b to 233-1051c. FS reported clock error at 1050Z. Session started at 1830z. -ACU Clock jump or drift was 16 hours after session started.

Ed: FMSET won't help this problem, formatter and FS and computer agreed, NTP configuration issue? First error 10:48:58, last at 10:51:27, about 2:30 seconds, SNTP updates are at 30 second intervals. Problem cleared on its own, 10 seconds after 5B time reset

Ed: will send line to set FS computer as NTP server for local network

10. Wark12m : Registers Master Status

That's the way I read it also. When its windy we see the HMI interface the “POS ERROR” fields go red as the error is > 1/10000 of a degree. So the current position goes red also as technically its not “on source”, but the error might be of the order 6/10000 of a degree ( ~2' ) so still well within the FWHM of the beam even at X-Band. The current “antcn” code is if the current posn is > 1/1000 degree from the commanded position or the AzMasterStatus or ElMasterStatus are not 0, then flag not tracking. I can “relax” these limits for being on-source. Just take “current posn” to “commanded posn” and ignore the Status registers (well still log them if not 0, but don't set the flag to be not tracking).

Stuart: will work on this during maintenance week

11. R4697 Ww Day 313 July 23

The overwhelming majority of scans have produced no fringes on WW baselines – the WW-KK baseline, for example is seeing ~1 scan with fringes per hour. On top of that, the SBD is varying wildly – a rare pair of two successful scans within 10minutes of each other on the WW-KK baseline jumped nearly 1us.

Stuart: surrounding R1s were good

12. R1697, R4697, R1698 Ww

all have 1 second clock offset

Stuart: operator was checking FS time, using :rate“ model Ed: should check against computer and probably set model to “computer” anyway

13. no fringes for Wark12 AUA006 even when antenna was tracking. (May 12)

S: mutiple sessions in this series had poor yield J: DBBC problems, antenna issues R: in this experiment, antenna reported tracking

14. Ww R4701 cold weather trips motor. Session stopped, antenna moved up and down to warm oil, then session continued. (question - The antenna moving for three hours did not warm oil?)

S: low elevation, with a long gap, oil gets more viscous, temp. unusually below 0C E: GGAO uses heat tape S: getting current through cable wrap E: how do Jay solve that


15. Warkworth GPIB controller progress?

S: more stable lately, windows box had a virus interferring with network, may have helped

16. AuScope NTP update

Jim: NTP updated on all FS system and Mark 5b Ed: suggested using FS for 5B's server

17. Hobart VC LO progress

Ed nudged Mike to look into it, has two to send, need to figure out shipping arrangements, probably between Brett and Don Sousa, Don is unavailable right now.

Brian: It could be a few weeks.

18. Yg replaced ifpic server?

Jamie: working on it


19. GGAO 12m brake issue

Brett: suggested telecon between people working on these brakes Ed: will ask Chris is available, should include Arecibo Jim: ATNF has the same antenna, but it is used less Brett: if it ain't broke (at other antennas), don't fix it Ed: Godwin reported that Kevin Sinclair designed main brake

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