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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Oct 20, 2200UT

Stuart and Rich not available

6. Follow-up on clock breaks, Maser and A/C moved to different circuits.

 Ed:  R4705had two small breaks at Ho, but no conclusive
 Brett: sees some jumps when 26m moves
 Ed: since we aren't recording frequency recording, could a frequency
      jump be induced to see if it causes a clock jump
 Brett: let us know when clock jumps occur in experiments
 Brett: will try looking at power monitor output data for issues
 Ed: asked Sergei for r4705 break information and will ask analysts to
      always specify details

7. Final testing of windstow recovery fix.

  Jim: will finish testing when antenna is up again, by Nov 1.

8. NTP (pcfshb):

  a. pcfshb needs more stratum 1 servers, especially remote
     Jim: will look for more stratum 1 servers
  b. is cnsshb a CNS II clock directly serving NTP or through a TAC32
    cnsshb is a server, but also used by timehb running TAC32
    tac32ho connected to old TAC clock
    Brett: will make a a diagram
  c. is tac32ho a TAC32 program connected to a CNS I or a CNS II clock?
      CNS I
  d. are there similar issues at other sites and/or 26m?
     get Hb going first then transfer to other sites

- from op comments:

1. FS failure R1708 Hobart26

R1708: Wrong receiver to start with, FS failure, windstows.

Comments by op suggests this is the windstow recovery issue but not sure.

Ed: couldn't find FS failure Brett: need to use source=disable to re-connect to antenna rather than

        restart FS

Jim: filter out S/X receiver on axis comments from summary? TBD

2. Hobart26 R1708 had L band selected.

- Receiver stuck in Lband Scans failed 278-1700 through 278-2217 (JS);
2157UT – OTTER interface reset (using 'r' command) and SX reciever put
on axis (JS) [Have updated the setup notes to include this as a fix

for stuck


Exactly what is switched between L and SX? RF at the Mark 4 rack via a relay?

Brett: moved on axis mechanically, S/X is normally (almost) always connected to rack by cable connection to “normal” (alt may be used for other bands/experiments)

3. R1708 Yg Disc position problem.

R1708: Disc pos ~120 GB behind schedule, inexplicably.

Dan suggested this could be caused by disk-record=on is late by the schedule being delayed. Session A1524 Hb, last July it was caused by the weather command sensor but also too many unnecessary checks. Dan can advise on making the Mark5 commands respond faster if requested.

Ed: Preob takes 2 second too long Jim: moved azeloff=0d,0d, to sched_initi and removed !*+4s

4. Katherine r4709 (more for Ed’s review) - Field system reboot after start of experiment

Experiment started ok, except the command “clkoff-2” was still in the

proc file,

so it recorded a huge delay difference. Halted the schedule after the

first scan.

I couldn't find the right file, called Imogen to fix. (Ellen); 18:50 UT

– Imogen

was unable to fix due “clkoff-2” to internet problems. I have changed

the settings

in the log monitor so it won't ring alarms every scan.

Jim: mark5 died, just changed control file for other mark5 and restarted

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