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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope VLBI Operations meeting : 26 Sep 2013, 10 AM, AuScope Operations Room: Minutes

  1. Review of recent experiments.
    1. R4599, AUST12 and R1603 were reviewed. The latter two have been observed and we await correlation reports.
    2. Please remember to use schedule=<name>,#1 when starting a schedule less than 5 min before the scheduled start.
  2. Previous Action Items
    1. Are Hb DBBC drifts still occurring?
      1. None have been seen recently. However, watch out for this problem in low bandwidth (4 MHz) modes (e.g. T2 experiments)
    2. Yg clock jumps (All, MOBLAS)
      1. None seen during tests in the last 24h but we are still monitoring as the cause is unclear.
    3. Module capacity checks (Jim, Jamie)
      1. Remind Yg to notify when disk modules are changed
    4. Light in Ke control room (Brett, Martin)
      1. Martin reminded
  3. Roster
    1. Done to end of November. OK?
    2. Note the new experiments (20 days non-stop!).
      1. How to roster?
      2. Shift lengths?
      3. Suggestion is to have 3 shifts: midnight - 9 am, 9 am - 5 pm, 5 pm - midnight. Comments welcome.
  4. Recent software, hardware changes.
    1. PCFS on Hb updated (now same as Yg). Watch the input filter settings in the procedure files
  5. Data transfers, changes and email list.
    1. If you need to move to a different module for any reason (e.g. because the one you expected to use breaks) please notify so that the right module is set up for data transfer.
  6. Operational issues
    1. Keys and swipe-cards. Get them from Dave Hughes if you need them for after-hours access
    2. How to read monit3 output. See the Tsys check section in Operator Documentation
    3. The halogen lights are tripping curcuit breaker in ops room. Maintenance have been notified.
    4. You can get email updates when a wiki pages change. Log in, go to the start page, click on the “Manage Subscriptions” link and set it up to subscribe to “*”, i.e. all pages with a daily email if something changes.
  7. Q & A
    1. Use of car for shift changes etc? Can the blue car be used for home/work transport for observers? (Jim)
  8. Next meeting : Tue 8 Oct at 2 PM
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