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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope VLBI Operations meeting : 8 Oct 2013, AuScope Operations Room: Minutes

  1. Review of recent experiments.
    1. Experiments reviewed
      • CRF77 - Hb started with wrong frequency setup, leading to poor data yields. Yg had several clock jumps.
      • RD1307
      • R4604
      • AUST13
      • T2092
      • RD1308 - Log needs to be sent
      • R4606
  2. Previous Action Items
    1. Hb DBBC drifts still occurring?
      1. Seems OK. Not seen in past 2 weeks
    2. Yg clock jumps (All, MOBLAS).
      1. None reported but only 2 sessions recently. Keep watching out for it
    3. Light in Ke control room (Brett, Martin).
      1. Follow-up needed
    4. use of blue car (Jim).
      1. Use of the car is restricted to transport between Sandy Bay campus and Mt Pleasant. Home-work transport has FBT implications.
  3. Roster
    1. Some changes requested. To do (Jim)
    2. 20-day marathon. Times OK?
      1. 12 AM - 9 AM
      2. 9 AM - 5 PM
      3. 5 PM - 12 AM
      4. Some shifts may need to be tweaked a little (plus or minus an hour) to accommodate availability.
  4. Recent software, hardware changes.
    1. PCFS on all three sites.
      1. Watch the input filter settings as schedulers still need to update their catalogues
    2. DBBC:
      1. Use v104_2 at Hb, Yg
      2. Use v102 at Ke (hardware change needed for v104_2, needs testing)
      3. Action: Check Ke (Jim)
  5. Operational issues
    1. Ke RFI
      1. Monitor full band (Martin, Jim)
    2. Medical Disclosure forms. Please submit to Karen (all)
    3. Processing logs, multiple disks Example
      1. Hand editing required. Chris has volunteered to look at fixing the script(s)
  6. Q & A
    1. Disks. Which module should be used for which experiment? Imogen setting up a wiki page for this.
    2. Fringe check script. Correlation done but no fringe plot? Ctrl-C after correlation can give you the plots - sometimes (Jamie) Changed script - now uses rather than mpirun which seems to deal with the problem.
    3. Add procedure to Reboot PCFS PCs regularly (at end of week?) - (Jim)
  7. Next meeting : Thu 31 Oct at 10 AM
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