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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Minutes of observers meeting 27.05.2015

  1. Setting up and monitoring Hobart26: please follow instructions precisely! In case of doubt, call the on-call person.
  2. Parkes observations summary. Parkes observations went well, John Reynolds was of a great help. Only exception was the last experiment AOV003: the VC frequencies were wrong, plus physical patching wasn't changed due to the weekend, so we had no chance. Not AuScope observers fault though.
  3. Katherine DBBC. Katherine has been experiencing frequent clock drifting, most likely due to DBBC problems. Please keep an eye on that. If it drifts beyond limits, DBBC resetting or/and power cycle should help.
  4. On-call. If the on-call person doesn't pick up the phone, observers shall insist on calling several times. If there is no answer and the matter is not urgent, send an SMS or qa voicemail to the on-call person saying who you are and that there is a problem, asking on-call person to call you back. Make sure you identify yourself so that they know whom to return the call.
  5. Aust CONT a15 part two
    1. Calendar, station check and module swap schedules and module VSNs are presented in the spreadsheet . It is accessible from the hbobserver@gmail. If you are not sure what is the password, call on-call person.
    2. Observers shall make sure they are using the correct module.
    3. Observers shall record module swaps in the handover notes. If the swap was scheduled for the day but did not happen, please call to the station and remind them. Especially it concerns Yarragadee.
    4. Instructions for setting up, station checks and other useful things will appear on the “Documents for observers” wiki page.
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