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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 10.06.2015

  1. ERC 26m change set-up list
  2. Date wrong – don't report
  3. Yg attenuation 15dB now,
  4. WiFi at Yg – contact them about using it – don'd!
  5. Error -524 – IPS in hobart, power cycle gpib (in the notes). Fixes if it is communications
  6. Disable the alarm through control file – instructions
  7. Hb still lags, restarting Rxmon didn't help?
  8. New implementation – check
  9. Keep the RXmon window open.
  10. Comments in the end message – most important problems degrading data quality.
  11. How much data were recorded on each module
  12. SMS alerts were not working since the new log system – Jamie to check the phone at Mt P. Jim to check the log monitor.
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