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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Action items:

  • Jim to tell to IVS that AuScope switches to Ho in all experiments from August 1 because of the broadband receiver test on 12m
  • Liza to look at the pcal-diagnostic scripts for Katherine to figure out how to plot ampl/phase vs elevation and possibly other quantities.
  • High X-band filter at Hobart (dbbchb) perhaps needs a change. Jamie to look if we have any spares.
  • dbbcke is flaky recently – needs an investigation. What has been done in Feb during the repairs?–Jamie to remember and write down. Possible culprits of current problems: time distribution? Maser – vacuum pump failing? Maser service is due soon anyway.
  • Mk5hb module change problems: observers/on-calls keep an eye on mk5hb. Changing modules while recording will not be done much in the near future anyway.
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