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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

To access UTas computers (e.g. via VNC) from a 3G connection or wireless away from the observatory, you will need to start the VPN. To do this: Open the Settings app. Near the top left, activate the VPN. You will be asked for a UTas username and password.

On the Dock


Web browser. Chrome is an alternative, take your pick.


Configured for [ke|yg] Add any other accounts you like.


Set up to subscribe to AuScope Google calendar


It's a camera

Page 1


A clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.


Contains PDFs of manuals for the antenna, DBBC, MArk5 and Weather station (at Yg)

VNC Viewer

Allows you to view VNC servers at the observatory. The VPN will need to be activated (via Settings) if using this on a non-UTAS network


A useful tool for making notes. Start it and read the Getting Started guide.

Suggested use: Documenting an equipment installation. You can take a photo of the hardware, annotate the photo, write some notes and save it all as a PDF and emil it or upload it to the wiki.


A shared directory 'in the cloud'. Currently set up to use the account. Anything saved here can be viewed by anyone using this account. Useful for sharing files between sites.

Google Drive

Google's version of Dropbox. This one is set up for the [ke|yg] account.


The iPad photo viewer, organiser.


Useful for organising, editing and sharing photos


Set up for the [ke|yg] account. Useful for keeping in touch during observations


Send and receive text messages here.


Google's web browser (Safari alternative)


Search the web


A useful tool for making to do lists


Add your email, phone, address contacts here


You'll want to configure the following here:

  • Wi-Fi
  • VPN (should be ready to go, but ask Jim about a password)
  • iTunes and App Stores.
    • This is configured for a UTAS account. Any updates should not require a password but new purchases will. We will need to set up iTunes on a local PC or arrange a separate account for new apps.

Page 2

Find iPhone

May be useful to set up if you're likely to misplace the iPad

Keynote, Pages, Numbers

Apple versions of Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Files can be saved to iCloud which is good for backup.


An alternative to Remarks. Give it a try.


Another useful note taking app synchronised to the cloud. Needs configuring. Give it a try if you want.

Adobe Reader

An alternative PDF reader


Useful app for taking quick notes

Face Time

Skype alternative for voice/video calls

Page 3

SSH Terminal

Allows ssh connection to computers on the network

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