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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Starting the PC Field System Software

The following steps are done through the Field System. If not already started, start the Field system software on pcfs[hb|ke|yg] by starting a new terminal in the VNC session on pcfs[hb|ke|yg] (use Applications menu or on ops2 vncviewer pcfs[hb|ke|yg]:1), and type:


You may see error messages concerning the Mark5 or DBBC but these can be ignored for now. An Operator Input window will appear and Field System commands are typed here.


If the fs does not start correctly (includes lots of messages about “killing”), try restarting the pcfs computer with the ip switch. Check if the vnc session works - you will get a message from the viewer if it doesn't (“connection refused”). To restart the vnc, run:

tightvncserver :1

Launch a terminal for both the fs and dimino.

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