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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

  1. Look on to Vortex as observer and make sure that /exports/vortex_internal is mounted
    df -h

    If you don't see it, mount it with a

    mount /exports/vortex_internal
    df -h
  2. Log on to the target machine at Tsukuba and create a directory for the log. E.g. for RD1106:
    ssh oper@
    cd /ddn/vlbi/data/
    mkdir rd1106hb
  3. Then from pcfshb, make sure you can transfer a log file without a password being entered. E.g. for RD1106
    cd /usr2/log
    touch rd1106hb.log
    scp rd1106hb.log oper@
  4. Mount the vortex disk on mk5hb
    mount vortex:/exports/vortex_internal /mnt/vortex
    chown oper:oper /mnt/vortex
  5. When the field system is started, start the schedule so that the log file is opened, then do a halt.
  6. now make a test recording and check that the log files and disk2file work
  7. Go to Vortex and check that the log file has been copied and the .m5b file is there. Then delete them.
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