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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Anemometer software

Eash site is equipped with an anemometer. If the wind speed passes pre-set limits, a signal is sent directly to the antenna to send it to stow. This software does not need to be running for this to happen but it is a good idea to have it running so you can monitor conditions and the stow state.

To start the software, double-click on the “Anemometer” icon on the desktop, then select “Options → Connect to Device”. When a dialog appears with a default IP address, click Done.

Look for a green “Connected” message. If you see a red “Not Connected”, wait a while to see if it connects. If not, re-start the software. You can choose between a 30s average or instantaneous readout.

If the connection to the anemometer still fails after restarting the software on the time pc, try reseting the anemometer communication box via the ip switch. They're labeled eg. 'windyg'.

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