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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Server software

Files in pcfs[hb|yg|ke]:/usr2/econtrol

cd make make -f Makefile.[hb|ke|yg] prepare make -f Makefile.[hb|ke|yg] build

GUI software

GUI software in git repository AuscopeUtils/econtrol/gui/econtrol_gui_[hb|ke|yg].

In the make subdirectory, set the following port numbers in Makefile.econtrol:

Hb TCP: 50225 UDP: 50226

Ke TCP: 50227 UDP: 50228

Yg TCP: 50229 UDB: 50230

In config-econtrol subdirectory, edit RPCClient.conf and change

<Site> → Name <Site><System> → name <Site><System> → IPAddress <Site><System> → PortBinding to match the Makefile

Then for each station:

cd make
make -f Makefile.econtrol clean
make -f Makefile.econtrol build
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