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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


git is the revision control system which has been adopted to keep track of the AuScope codebase.

A comprehensive reference can be found at the git homepage:

The quick version:

pull changes down from the central repository (do this before starting your own work.):

git pull origin master

Add a file:

git add <filename/directory>

remove a file:

git rm <filename/directory>

See what changes have been made to the codebase:

git status

commit some changes:

git commit -m "commit message" <files/directories>

Push committed changes up to the central repository (do this after you've finished):

git push origin master

See how you've changed a file:

git diff <filename>

Sometimes (rarely) a repository will get confused. You will see errors like:

error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename .git/objects/95: File exists

This can be corrected by either “chown -R prog .git”, or by the commands:

git fsck
git prune
git repack
git fsck

Sample Usage

First of all: obtain a copy of the codebase. The only dependency is the 'git-core' package (for ubuntu and debian).

git clone ssh://observer@ops-serv2/home/observer/gits/pcfs_prod.git

If we already have a repository, we execute a “pull” to ensure our codebase is current before making any changes.

cd pcfs_prod
git pull origin master

We wish to modify the template station.prc slightly.

cd pcfs_prod/AuscopeUtils/proc
vi station.prc

Having saved our changes, we verify what we have changed, and commit it:

git diff station.prc
git commit -m "Tweaked the doodad." station.prc

Now we push our change back up to the primary repository.

git push origin master.

The modified station.prc can now be retrieved by executing a “git pull” on any other git repository (ie. in the /usr2/AuScopeUtils directories on the remote pcfs machines).

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