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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Change gear oil - Brett
Grease bull gear and jack screw Jack and Peter T
seal near el bearing into hub - Brett
cut cable ties in hub - Brett
drill drain holes in hub - Brett
paint top of turning head - Brett maybe
fit doors on hub - Brett
light for antenna - Randall
identify rcp/lcp LNA and caable tie RF leads - Brett
test dehydrator - Jamie (Reads ok on web, currently at 20% duty cycle.
repair dehydrator - Randall
add verandah to pedestal electronics - Dave
hub in pedestal - not this trip
A/C unit get attached - Peter T liase with Cramer and Neill - Warranty repair
return shipping container - Brett
paint pedestal floor - wait till dry
paint pedestal door - Brett
paint hold downs. - Jack/Peter T

Brett and Jamie
run a schedule to elapse 50 hours
phasecal/noisecal/5MHz/100MHz/PPS relative amplitudes.

Fix humidity monitor
Fringe test
filing cabinet drawers. Ops, equipment, stuff.
list of stuff incl photos
speaker mount
network hub mount
specan on net
test IF selector box and diagnose crosstalk problem
observer training.

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