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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

MS Windows XP Installation

I have attached my scanned notes.



I used a Univ OEM XP install CD attached to the USB (change the bios to boot of usb cdrom).

I loaded the latest drivers for the devices listed, PCI-7200, PCI-9111 & PCIS-DASK V4.29 from

You need Xilinx “Programming Tools” 13.1 for the new Fila10G.

Also drivers for Network Controller, Graphics. They are in my notes. Can get them from the intel site

Environment Variables:

These need setting manualy or things just don't work.

LMC_HOME c:\Xilinx\10.1\ISE\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt

XILINX c:\Xilinx\10.1\ISE

Path %XILINX%\bin\nt … ;%LMC_HOME%\lib\pcnt.lib …; c:\Xilinx92i\bin\nt;c:\Xilinx\10.1\ChipScope\bin\nt

August 2012

The following installation notes where received from Michael Wunderlich (VLBI-Gruppe,Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie).


I followed Installation (3) with an install of XP Professional, it didn't work Only one item not covered in the document that I am aware off. You need an environment variable XILINX setup. This I set under System Properties - Environment Variables

XILINX c:\Xilinx\12.4\LabTools\LabTools

This should point to what ever version of LabTools you have installed.

I put in this env variable under the “Administrator” account and it all works now. I had the environment variable set under the “dbbc” account but things did not work.

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