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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Preparing Schedule and Procedure Files

Open a terminal and ssh into observer@ops-serv2 and run:

When run, it will prompt you for the experiment code and observatory. Both should be entered in lower case. It will download the schedule file (or ask if you want to re-download the file if it currently exists) to /vlbobs/ivs/sched/, copy it to pcfs[hb|ke|yg] (it will check if it will overwrite the file), build the snp and prc files (or offer to re-build them if they exist), copy them to the correct places and finally offer to print off a schedule summary and the procedure file. (Crtl X Ctrl C to print proc file after editing).

Make sure the ifdsx command has the right IFs selected and the right power settings. Check the DBBC setup page for the correct settings. Note that this should be done by default now but please double check, especially for unusual or non-standard setups.

The summary file, which contains a scan-by-scan summary of the observations including start and stop times, azimuth and elevation, disk usage predictions is a useful resource when checking on the progress of observations. It can be printed out but to save paper it's recommended you view it in a text editor. You can find it on ops2 or ops-serv2 in /vlbobs/ivs/sched/<obscode><station_ID>.sum.

If you are setting up an AUST experiment, please read on…

Extra Step For Austral Experiments

Austral Experiments may need to have the proc file edited so that the correct checkmk5 procedure is used.

Open two terminals on pcfs. Enter in one terminal:

more /usr2/proc/aust<previous_exp_number><station_code>.prc

Go to the end of the file and highlight the procedure.

On the other terminal, enter >

emacs -nw /usr2/proc/aust<current_exp_number><station_code>.prc

Go to the bottom of the file and look at the checkmk5 procedure. It should already be there and the content between the define and enddef lines should be identical (except the number code in the first line 'define checkmk5 00000000000x' - this is just a date code) . If not, then paste the checkmk5 procedure from the first terminal.

Ctrl x Crtl c and 'y' to save.

This procedure should be done before the proc file has been run at all.

If you do need to edit the proc file after it has been run, follow these directions:

Open two terminals in the pcfs vnc viewer.

In one enter:

more /usr2/proc/aust<previous_exp_number><station_code>.prc

This will open the previous experiment proc file.

Then in the other terminal, enter:


Then overwrite the current proc file by entering:


Then enter:


Copy and paste the procedure from the previous experiment proc file in the first terminal to the new procedure file in the second terminal.

Then Ctrl x Ctrl c and 'y' to save.

Extra Step For Austral Weekend Experiments

For the weekend experiments, an extra command is needed in the first schedule so that it will automatically start the second schedule. Here's what needs to be done:

For each telescope:

  1. Log on to the pcfs, and
    cd /usr2/sched
  2. Edit the schedule file
    emacs -nw aust<current_exp_number><station_code>.snp
  3. go to the end of the schedule file (press [esc], then >) and add the following lines:
  4. Then Ctrl x Ctrl c and 'y' to save.

The two new lines will tell the field system to wait 1 minute (for the last checkmk5 procedure to finish), then start the new schedule.

When starting the Saturday weekend session, please also download and drudge the schedules for Sunday!

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