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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Operations Meetings

Data Handling and Disk Logistics


Please use the Transfers Page for information on data transfer.


See the Modules Page

AuScope IVS Module Allocation

If there are any questions or issues with module logistics, please contact with the details.

See Experiment and Module Catalog for module allocations, inventory, transfers, upcoming and historic experiments;

Telescope calibration/monitoring procedures and notes

Stairwell Displays

AuScope Operations Log

Please enter any significant events related to the AuScope VLBI project, including observations, configuration changes, hardware upgrades etc.

Log monitor 26m support and recorder status

The log monitor now knows about the 26m by default and will ring a local alarm if run from ops1hb.

The log monitor also shows the recorder status and scan name. Recorder status is obtained by noticing the disk_record command. It doesn't actually know for sure if the Mark5 is running but just reports what the recorder should be doing, so always check dimino and the cameras to be absolutely sure!

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New versions of log monitor and

The log monitor now supports the newer SMS messaging system and will ring an alarm when there's a wind stow. has been updated to use the new @list email addresses

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Wind stow recovery and 0-360 Az tracking

Modifications from Ed Himwich to 12m Field System software have been made to fix issues with the antenna recovering from a wind stow. Testing was successful and changes have been propagated by Ed to all three sites.

Also tests on the Hobart 12m were made to check if the antenna behaves when tracking through Az=0. Field system was given a source command that put it at a small positive Az (sky and actual coordinates) and then observed as coordinates went through and past Az=360. No problems noticed and this was also tested with 1 deg offsets in Az and El in case there were problems when an offset was implemented.

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Negative Tsys at Katherine - dbbcnn_util.c

After the upgrade to fs 9.11.7, negative tsys values were being reported for Ke. This is due to the DBBC at Katherine reversing the order of the the calon/caloff data in the bread output. The dbbcnn_util.c file in /usr2/fs/clib was edited as in fs-9.11.6 and the FS rebuilt to work around this issue.

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FS updated to 9.11.7

The FS version at Hb, Ke and Yg has been upgraded to 9.11.7 to bring the versions in line with Hobart and Ceduna. This is a minor upgrade but does fix some problems with drudg and channel selection, and includes better support for jive5ab.

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