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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Operations Meetings

Data Handling and Disk Logistics


Please use the Transfers Page for information on data transfer.


See the Modules Page

AuScope IVS Module Allocation

If there are any questions or issues with module logistics, please contact with the details.

See Experiment and Module Catalog for module allocations, inventory, transfers, upcoming and historic experiments;

Telescope calibration/monitoring procedures and notes

Stairwell Displays

AuScope Operations Log

Please enter any significant events related to the AuScope VLBI project, including observations, configuration changes, hardware upgrades etc.

FS notification of power outages

The UPSmon script at Hobart and Katherine (which detects power outages by monitoring the UPS status) has been updated to add an error message in the FS log as well as sending Brett an SMS. This should help in determining the cause of problems such as mark5 crashes, antenna communication problems, etc.

2015/06/25 03:35 · 0 Comments

Updated preob at Hb

The default preob procedure (in station.prc) at Hb has been updated to comment out the “!*” and “!*+4s” lines. This mat help in reducing the amount of time lost due to the recorder stating late.

2015/06/17 00:02 · 0 Comments

Better receiver info for Ho26

A new procedure has been added to both sched_initi and postob which will check the focus platform position and adds a comment to the log saying which receiver this corresponds to. For AUSTRAL experiments, please make sure that this reports that the “S/X receiver is on axis”. You can cross-check the rxp values against the nominal receiver positions here. NB - if Hobart can't get a monitoring connection to the drive PC it will report the rxp values as 1000 mm. If this is the case, you should probably reboot the drive PC and restart the FS.

2015/06/11 06:38 · 0 Comments

GPIB-RS232 converter replaced at Hb

The GPIB-RS232 at Hb had stopped working prior to the r1690hb experiment and repeated power-cycles of the GPIB-RS232 converter & pcfshb failed to fix this. A spare has been put in place and is now working. The failed converter will be checked to see if it is fixable - it may have lost its settings or have suffered some other fault.

2015/06/02 02:29 · 0 Comments

Updated Monica.Rxmon server

A new version of the Monica.Rxmon server is in use on pcfshb. It has been re-written in Python and should handle concurrent requests better which should avoid the rfpic problems.

2015/06/02 02:17 · 0 Comments
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