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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope VLBI Operations meeting : 31 Oct 2013, 10 AM, Minutes

  1. Review of recent experiments.
    1. Experiments reviewed:
      1. Correlation/analysis reports:
      2. recently observed
        • CRF78
        • R4606
        • AUST14
        • R1607
        • R4607
        • R1608
        • AUST15
        • R4608
        • TG009
        • R1609
  2. Previous Action Items
    1. Yg clock jumps. No recent problems have been observed. The delay difference is now higher at ~0.4 us but looks stable.
    2. Light in Ke control room (Brett, Martin). Still to do.
    3. Fringe check script. This seems to be working again but please tell Jamie if you have problems with it.
    4. Katherine RFI (Monitor full band (Martin, Jim)). This seems to be intermittent, but we are monitoring it. Is there a good data monitoring/collection method?
    5. Processing logs, multiple disks Example
      1. Hand editing required. Chris has volunteered to look at fixing the script(s)
    6. Which modules to use (Imogen, Jamie).
  3. Recent software, hardware changes.
    1. Jim to talk to Gino about diagnosing the problem at Ke.
    2. Jamie: A 26m Mark5A upgrade will allow Mk5B modules to be read. 5C going to Ceduna.
    3. Plans are afoot to allow the 26m and 12m to run off same clock, swap between them.
    4. A 26m maser service is due soon.
    5. 26m IVS documentation will need updating before May 2014
  4. Operational issues
    1. Yarragadee support in November
  5. Q & A
    1. Question for Brett: how to find out the network status at the three sites (e.g. 3G or wired).
  6. Next meeting : Tue 12 Nov at 2 PM
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